Say Goodbye to Dirty Analytics

Foxlytics is Your Best Defense Against Referral Spam

Ghost vs. Referral

How Does it Work?

Foxlytics is the first automated solution that proactively blocks referrer spam

Referral Spam Attacks

According to trusted sources, up to 70% of some websites traffic are Referral Spam robots.

Filters Suck

We avoid filters by stopping the Referral Spam at the frontline, before it even hits your analytics!

We Find New Bots

When a new Referral Spam bot surfaces, we detect it and add it to our block list automatically.

Made for Everyone

Whether you manage a single domain or hundreds, Foxlytics was built for webmasters of all shapes and sizes.


As your company’s Webmaster it is up to you to review all of your website data to determine future efforts and other key pieces of information. Rather than constantly searching for the latest URLs to filter out, why not drop a snippet of code and get back to analyzing clean, accurate data?


If you have a number of clients relying on you for website management, digital marketing, or data analysis, you need to be able to review clean, accurate data. Stop wasting time with filters and boost efficiency with this simple plugin to block referral spam.


Foxlytics isn’t just a great tool for agencies and webmasters to use for their clients or employers either. Developers can benefit from the best defense from referral spam too! Our API can easily integrate with any website through the following for development:

  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Or custom URL

Kill Spam in 3 Steps

Foxlytics is as easy as setting up Google Analytics, just follow these three steps!

Step 1: Create an Account

Step 2: Apply the Code

Step 3: Kick Back & Relax

Ready to Pounce?

What are you waiting for? Stop letting Referral Spam ruin your analytics!